User instructions

The EarScratcher has been designed in such a way that it will not damage your eardrum. Use the EarScratcher with care for the auditory duct is a sensitive organ. 

Earwax is easier to remove if it is first softened with water. For the best results, use the EarScratcher every 14 days for a quarter of an hour after you have washed your hair or taken a shower.  Or put some lukewarm water in your ear and cover for a quarter of an hour with a wad of cotton wool.




  • Only for adults. ( > 18 years ). 
  • Do not use if you have an infection of the ear. 
  • Do not use if you have had an operation on your ear. 
  • For hygienic reasons, use only one EarScratcher per person. Clean with alcohol or ordinary water and soap. 
  • No improvement: consult your doctor.