The most sustainable device to clean your ears.
Safe and sound.

Why choose EarScratcher?


The EarScratcher is the only CE marked ear-cleaning device that meets the provision of the Regulation (EU) MDR 2017/745 for medical devices.

We invested a lot of effort in biometric studies to ensure an extremely safe earcleaning device. You can safely clean your ears without damaging your eardrums.

Adult use only.


We all care about people, resources and environment, don't we?

EarScratcher lasts 25 years. Also, unlike other devices, no disposable items are needed. This way EarScratcher saves both resources and environment.


EarScratcher users will make less doctor visits.

Leave doctors more time for really important tasks; other than cleaning ears.

Offer your customers, safe and sustainable, clean ears.

Become a partner.

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Become an EarScratcher user

For consumers wishing to purchase an EarScratcher, please refer to the online healthcare shops

Available packages

EarScratcher is available in three different package types as shown.

How to use EarScratcher

The use and benefits of EarScratcher is demonstrated in the video.

To read full user instructions use the button below.

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